Primo Travel - Took us to a caepet factory.

Bishop Auckland,England
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where l ordered to rugs in no they should have come in Jan.Feb phoned my credit card company up, they asked me to phone the owner up and ask why they had not come. He said because of the snow, but they are clearing the road and they will be there in 2 weeks. Went on line and the temp was 14.

It took a long time to get my money back £1500. The nasty man even phoned me to ask for my bank details.

Emailed Primo travel and told them what had happened and said l did not think they should go there and would they contact me. Which they did not.

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Primo Vacations - Primo Travel - Fred Siller

New Stanton,Pennsylvania
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Primo Vacations or Primo Travel seems to have recently affiliated itself with an internet scam artist out of Florida named Fred Siller. Fred Siller claims to be this great motivational speaker who has been on the same stage with people like Anthony Robbins.

Don't you believe it. Fred has been involved with many internet scams including ...... Cruise2Cash or Cruise to Cash, Roadmap2Riches or Roadmap to Riches, Hand of Heaven, Frelo Latin Wear, Unlimited Money Group or UMGroup and most recently the New Life Medical Tourism Group and De Varano Medico. Now he appears to be tied in with Primo Travel or Primo Vacations.

Most of these businesses are some kind of pyramid scheme, where you gotta get in early to make money. In the case of the Medical Tourism scams he would recruit you to be an agent affiliate making a whopping 8% commission selling cut-rate medical procedures in Latin American countries. Only catch was Fred and his *** wife Lorena never worked in the medical field and weren't associated with any doctors or hiospitals.

But I can tell you this .....send Fred Siller money as part of Primo or any of these other scams and you will never see it again.

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